Emily 2.1 take 2

I spent another hour tweaking to correct the worst bits and it looks more natural, even though the skin tone is a bit off compared to the references… Only one wider spec lobe this time : GGX does a very nice job as usual.

New environment : Winter Forrest (recommended by Christian Bloch). It doesn’t have much dynamic range but it is quite neutral. Very Game-Of-Thrones-ish too.

I had to improvise a bit for the eyes (with a ramp for now), but it’s good enough for today ! What sells them is the meniscus and the eyelashes, anyways… 🙂

Digital Emily 2.1

Raw renders after a couple hours of tweaking… Trying different HDRs to see hold it holds up. My goal was to test the data set and it is pretty good. Now, in terms of making it look good, there is still a lot to do !! 🙂

Data courtesy of the Wiki Human project. Keep up the good work !

Click the thumbnails for full res image (sRGB png)

Render time : around 10mn per frame on my 4 cores laptop, no denoising or post-processing.